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My name is Keenan Dijon; artist name thedijon20 // I am an author,
designer and growing business owner. My website is a gallery of positive stories,
artwork, unique products and entrepreneurial tips for people like you and me who want to live a fulfilling life.

“I don’t like losers, because
loser don’t like winning. I’m Winning!”

Winners are people who choose to acknowledge their influence over reality; knowing that  
any situation that arises shall always lead to their favor.

If you want to be a winner, define what winning is for yourself and do-it. However you choose to define it, One thing is for certain…
To be a Winner, You must develop the mind of a Winner!

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This ebook is filled with a special collection of 82 powerful quotations, affirmations and proverbs from
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QAP~pronounced {ķwá-ųp} I define as speach with intention to energize, encourage or inspire. A QAP is a powerful enlightening phrase; Quotation, Affirmation or Proverb -.

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